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Divorce Planning

Divorce is rarely easy -- either personally or financially. At Klein Financial Advisors, we are specialists in the personal, business, and tax issues related to divorce. Our mission is to help individuals, couples, divorce attorneys, and divorce mediators achieve fair and workable settlements to enable you to move forward with dignity and confidence.

As a Certified Divorce Analyst™ and a member of The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts™ (IDFA™), our President and Founder Lauren Klein has unique training in the financial issues inherent to every divorce case. Always working in your best interests, Lauren can help you explore the questions that are often the most overlooked:

  • Who should keep the house?
  • How much will it cost to live post divorce?
  • How much alimony is there going to be and for how long?
  • Will the custody arrangement affect child support?
  • How can the retirement accounts be split and the money accessed?
  • How can a business be offset?
  • Should a business be valued?
  • Most important of all, will you be able to financially survive (and thrive) with the settlement post-divorce?

As your financial advisor, we can help you answer these and other questions you face in the process of divorce and, if needed, provide litigation support for your attorneys to help prove and settle your case.

Lauren is also a member of Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County, an organization that promotes collaborative practice, including collaborative law and interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce. Collaborative Divorce is a method that offers divorcing partners the support, protection, and guidance of professionals without going to court. Additionally, it provides the benefit of child and financial specialists, divorce coaches, and other professionals all working together on your team.

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