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Forge a new path
to financial confidence.

Financial planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We begin by taking the time to understand where you are today, to  explore your challenges, and then help you align your time, money, and resources to live life on your terms. 

While our work may be complex, we work hard to keep the process simple. 


A simple phone call

Every great relationship starts with listening. We'll have a real, honest conversation to understand your needs—and  how we can help.


A relaxed office meeting

Over a cup of coffee or tea, we’ll talk about much more than just dollars and cents. Has a recent transition changed everything—such as a divorce, loss of a spouse, inheritance, retirement, or job change?  Do you feel stuck, confused, scared, or overwhelmed? Once we feel we really “get” you, we’ll be ready to take a close look at your financial details so we can begin to create an ideal plan for you.


The heavy lifting. 

Based on what we’ve learned about you, we’ll design a customized financial and investment plan that addresses your needs and your goals. Using our experience, training, and insights, we’ll determine when you can afford to retire, how to reduce your tax bill, if your portfolio needs to change, and how to protect what you have to give you greater financial confidence.  


A clear presentation

Don’t know financial jargon? Great. We’ll paint a picture of your financial path in plain English so you know where you’re headed and how you’re going to get there. You’ll leave knowing exactly what we recommend, how much it will cost, and how working with us can help you build wealth—simply and effectively.

Step 5

A handshake

If you now believe we’re the right team for you, it’s time to make things official. We’ll shake hands, sign paperwork, and begin to put your plan in place. And as part of the Klein Financial client family, you can count on us—always—to be here to help at every step of your financial journey.