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Build the resources to live your ideal life.

Your desire for financial success isn't about accumulating riches.

It’s about building lifelong security for you and your family.

It’s about growing the resources—the time, money, and relationships—to be sure your children and grandchildren grow up knowing there will always be enough.

It’s about building the resources to live your ideal life.

Making that dream come true requires services built around you. That means no cookie-cutter financial plans. No generic strategies. And no standardized investment portfolio based on someone else’s idea of what you should want or need today, tomorrow, or when you’re 102. We help by delivering comprehensive wealth management services that cover four areas:

Financial Planning

Financial success is about much more than the size of your investment portfolio.

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To help you gain confidence moving forward, we address your short- and long-term needs and goals by exploring every aspect of your financial life and identifying adjustments that can help you use your resources wisely and protect those resources to support a truly “wealthy” life.

Investment Management

To design your portfolio, we consider what you have, what you are working toward, and how long you have to invest.

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We allocate assets, select securities, and manage risk based on our own experience and insights and the high-quality research of our trusted portfolio managers and management teams at Dimensional Funds, American Funds, FTJ Fundchoice, and Instrategy. Our disciplined, step-by-step investment process supports a long-term approach to growth. 

Tax Strategies

To help protect your nest egg, we apply smart, tax-efficient planning that integrates every piece of your financial life, including your income, investments, estate plan, corporate benefits, and more.

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To help you avoid costly missteps, we take a strategic view of tax planning that considers things like how to diversify taxes in retirement, when and how to claim Social Security, how to reduce capital gains tax for you and your heirs, and much more.

Transition Planning

When you’re facing the unexpected, taking the next step may feel overwhelming.

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We get it…. because we’ve been there. Changes like divorce, loss of a spouse, major career changes, and more can make protecting your wealth particularly challenging. Our goal is to keep you standing tall by guiding you toward a new normal—so you can breathe again. (See our fees for special pricing.)  

Smart technology makes it easy.

To make the planning process as easy for you as possible, we give you access to smart tools like Sharefile, to securely exchange documents with us from anywhere, and eMoney, our online personal financial management tool that offers immediate visibility to your entire portfolio and a personal “digital wallet” to safeguard important documents. On the advisor side, we use leading investment tools to allocate assets and rebalance your portfolio quickly and easily.